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Payroll and Personnel software for Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

What’s New Version 6.60

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What’s New Version 6.60

This document introduces some of the latest features in the TT Payroll and Personnel system.

New Jersey Returns

From January 2015 Jersey will no longer accept any returns by email.  Version 6.60 of TT Payroll will upload all returns directly to the Jersey Government website at for the following types:

  • ITIS Tax Returns
  • Social Security Returns
  • Manpower Returns
  • Benefit In Kind Returns

When you have upgraded to TT Payroll version 6.60 (or later) you can simply process the returns as normal – you still press the same buttons to submit the returns.  TT Payroll will automatically and instantly upload your returns instead of creating an email.

Authority Log

To help track the Guernsey and Jersey returns that you have submitted, the Authority Reports screen shows a log of all submissions:


You can use the Reference when talking to the authorities to resolve any issues you may have with the returns.

Guernsey Remittance Advices

The Authority Reports screen has two new buttons for printing Tax and Social Security remittance advices respectively:


The new Remittance Advices can accompany your payment:


Password protection for emailed PDF Payslips

It is possible to assign a password to a PDF when emailing payslips to employees…


It is also possible to export all payslips as individual PDFs for uploading to a third party system or document image processing platform…


New Report

A new report called ‘Payslip Employee Pay Summary’ gives a detailed pay statement at year end for each employee.


Taxable Pay option for Payslip Reports

A new option on the Headings tab of the Company screen can be set to Gross Pay or Taxable Pay…

This affects the figures in the last column of the Payslip Crosstab reports…

Better Excel Integration

Some payslip reports did not export to Excel properly so a new option helps to maintain the correct format.  See the extra option in step 3 of the image below…


Third Party Integration

TT Payroll can now talk to the following systems:

  • People HR online human resources system – import of master employee data and upload of PDF payslips for employee self service
  • My Office HR absence booking and management system – import of holiday and other absence data for display, reporting and display on payslips.

Import of Tax Codes (Guernsey)

The Guernsey Tax Office sends new Tax Codes for all employees at the start of a new year.  TT Payroll can import these new codes and save you some typing…


For further help or guidance please contact us at [email protected] or call our Help Desk on 01481 700202.

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