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Payroll and Personnel software for Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

What’s new in TT PAPA version 7.20

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What’s new in TT PAPA version 7.20

This document introduces some of the latest features in the TT Payroll and Personnel system.

March 2019

New Grievances Form

An employee grievance is a concern, problem, or complaint that an employee has about their work, the workplace, or someone they work with.  The new Grievances form can be opened from the View Form list at the top of the Employee screen and looks like this:

Pension Date added to Employee form

To help with the new retirement and pension age changes, the Employee screen now calculates and displays the Pension Age based on the Date Of Birth…

Setting payslip passwords made easier

Instead of having to open the Contact screen to enter the password for the employee’s PDF payslip, the Employee screen now shows a box for the password…

New Day Start, End and Lunch times

The Days screen can now be used to record the start and end times of each working day together with the length of the lunch break…,

New fields added to Adjustment form

These two new fields have been added to the Adjustment form:

  • Certified: Used to flag a sickness absence as certified or a holiday absence as approved.
  • Analysis Code: Used to describe the reason for the absence.

The new fields are displayed in the footer area whenever an absence code is selected:

​A new menu item under TT Database is used to manage the list of Analysis codes:

New Payslip layout added

A new payslip layout can be selected on the Company form called ‘Payslip Timesheet A4 #’.  This will show all time recording items on the payslip like this:

Support for non-calendar years on Yearsheet

Holidays can now be entered more easily when the entitlement is not a normal calendar year, like this…

PDF Passwords on standard reports

When saving a report as a PDF document a password can be automatically applied to the PDF file…

The password can be specified on the Company form together with a default location for the PDF file to be saved (but any YYYY or MM folder options will be ignored)…

Better formatting when emailing payslips

When TT Payroll emails payslips your Outlook signature will now be applied at the bottom of the email.  Furthermore, the email text can now include HTML tags to add colour and fonts. For example, on the Company form specify this…

To make your payslip emails look like this:

For more help with colour options please see this article:

New Export to Excel option

On the Payslip Reports screen a new option in the ‘Export to Excel’ list will export a department summary in a crosstab format to Excel.

New report to compare payrolls

A new report, with the rather long name of ‘Payslip Crosstab with Employer Headings by Pay Date’, shows multiple payrolls for each employee, in the crosstab format, so that any differences can easily be spotting and checked.  The new report looks like this (your column headings may be different):

Importing made easier

A new button on the Import form makes it easier to find the file containing the data to be imported…

TT Payroll can import just about anything, including:

  • Adjustments; such as overtime or new salaries, from a spreadsheet
  • Time; from Clock On and Fusion Care systems
  • Employees; from PeopleHR, CascadeHR, People Inc, Global and Swansoft
  • Tax Codes; from the Guernsey and Jersey spreadsheets sent to employers

Upgrades made easier

In the past, TT Software would normally perform upgrades for users, but from version 7.20 onwards the user can run their own upgrades without intervention from our Help Desk.  Simply login as the TTInstaller user (which is also used for security and passwords) and click the new Download and Upgrade button.

If you do not know the TTInstaller password please contact the Help Desk where we will help authorised and recognised users gain access.

More options for Payroll Service Providers

Organisations that process payrolls for their clients can now use placeholders (such as YYYY, MM and COMPANYCODE) in pathnames for the location of the BACS file.

Emails sent to clients can now use placeholders in the Subject part of the email and the email body can contain HTLM tags for colours, fonts and images.

Quicker support with Team Viewer

To allow TT Software a remote connection to see your screen and assist with issues you can now download and run Team Viewer from the Help screen…

For further help or guidance please contact us at [email protected] or call our Help Desk on 01481 700202.

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