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Payroll and Personnel software for Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

What’s new in TT PAPA version 7.00

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What’s new in TT PAPA version 7.00

This document introduces some of the latest features in the TT Payroll and Personnel system.


We have included our new logo and brand and tidied up a few screens. You can expect to see this sort of thing on some screens…


Data entry of timesheet data can now be entered for monthly employees too. Furthermore, both hours and final values can be entered:

New payslip layout showing Benefits

A new payslip format, called Payslip Benefits Verbose A4, includes a section to show employer benefits. The benefits do not affect Net Pay but are part of the total benefits package that the employee is rewarded with.

New report to split payroll costs

A new screen allows payroll costs to be split across multiple Groups by percentage…

A new report then apportions the costs to each Group…

Barclays NET BACS format added

If you bank with Barclays then TT Payroll can now create a BACS file that Barclays NET can import…

TT Payroll also integrates with SAP, PeopleHR and Fusion Care systems.

For further help or guidance please contact us at [email protected] or call our Help Desk on 01481 700202.

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