Feature Overview

  • Produce Employee reports.
  • Produce Payroll reports.
  • Produce Absence, Appraisal, Disciplinary and Training reports.
  • Create bespoke Criteria for use in any report.
  • Create bespoke reports.
  • Set up reminders and alarms to avoid trawling through data yourself.


Reporting Overview

All reports can be produced by following a few simple steps that typically ask for a date range, a Criteria and the report layout for the resulting data.  For example, the following screen shows how a payroll cost report for the whole year can be produced for just those employees in their second year of employment who have been sick a lot:

^ payslip reports selection screenshot


Report Writer

A powerful Report Wizard guides you through the steps required to generate a basic report:

report wizard
^ report wizard screenshot


After creating a basic report a comprehensive Design View allows for full customization:

report design
^ report design screenshot


Workflow Control

Trawling through reports can be time consuming, so the TT Payroll & Personnel system provides customized alarms and reminders.  Rules can be created to perform data analysis functions and to inform a user when action is required.  Your company’s procedures, policies and expertise can be implemented in our system so that you do not have to rely on reports, calendars or staff so much.

Some examples of the alerts and reminders that can be made:

  • An employee is approaching their 5th year in the company
  • Some staff have more than 10 days sickness so far this year
  • Someone in Sales has hit an annual commission of over £5,000
  • A few employees are missing Tax or SI details
  • No directors have been paid this month!